Advanced industrial robot

Laser cladding is carried out using
The KUKA KR-60 modern six-axis industrial
robot with additional external axes.


Degrees of freedom

2033 – 2952

Reach in mm

2 meters


5 400 cm

Travel along the part

16 – 60

Load capacity in kg

up to 1 ton

Part positioning

Robotic cell

Our technology uses the KUKA KR60HA 6-axis robot with 2 external axes to ensure flexible and versatile coating application on parts of various shapes and sizes.

This high-precision model KUKA KR 60 HA is ideal for complex production processes such as laser beam welding, MIG / MAG welding and machining.

Our robot is located on a linear axis and equipped with an additional positioner. Two additional axes can process up to 9-meter long parts

Integration into your production

Our company is an integrator of industrial robots and peripheral equipment for your application.