Oil and gas industry

Users and manufacturers of drilling equipment strive to protect their tools with ultra-hard materials for overlaying that provide exceptional resistance to abrasion under extreme conditions. This is achieved using the Spherotene material having a hardness of more than 3,000 Hv.

Machined parts and zones:

  • Stabilizers
  • LWD & MWD tools
  • Drilling heads
  • Radial bearings
  • Motor spare parts

Non-magnetic steel: the LaserCarb® process is especially recommended to protect stabilizers and other drilling tools made of non-magnetic steel.

Power industry

In the face of increasing power generation demand due to economic and environmental pressures, we offer solutions that meet the requirements of a specific industry segment. Whether you have problems with corrosion, erosion, wear or a combination thereof, laser cladding technology can offer an optimal solution that meets both cost criteria and performance.

Machined parts and zones:

  • Anti-corrosion / erosion coatings for boiler tubes
  • Ash processing classifiers


Laser cladding technologies and materials make it possible to change their approach to the design and level of equipment safety.

Precise application and high hardness of patented Spherotene® tungsten carbides offers a unique unrivaled anti-drill and anti-vibration technology to enhance safety at all levels.

Machined parts and zones:

  • Locks
  • Doors
  • Safes
  • Storage cabinets
  • Protective covers
  • Cash boxes


Economic and legislative pressure forces waste processors (both private and public ones) to hold the cost of processes and not exceed a certain level.

Laser cladding technology provided solutions to increase the service life of components during their operation and reduce the need for expensive maintenance, both planned and unplanned.

Machined parts and zones:

  • Anti-corrosion / erosion coatings for recovery boilers
  • Hammer mills
  • Grinders
  • Glass recycling equipment
  • Tire grinding equipment
  • Conveyor screws

Mining / Tunneling / Dredging

Wear resistance is critical for these industries due to highly aggressive environment. Laser cladding makes it possible to use unique technologies to harden working surfaces. The combination of diode laser technology and the patented Spherotene® Tungsten Carbide material allows solving wear reduction problems when other methods proved unsuccessful.

Machined parts and zones:

  • Cutting teeth
  • Trenchers
  • Conveyor screws
  • Sieves

Industries where different coating types are successfully applied:

  • Refractory treatment
  • Fiberglass production
  • Pulp and paper production
  • Woodworking
  • Mineral processing
  • Cement manufacturing

Machined parts and zones:

  • Atomizer rotors
  • Mixer blades
  • Hammer crushers
  • Classifiers
  • Panel grilles

Ceramic industry

Cost cutting is the main driver in this industry and it depends on the product lifetime. The purpose of the laser cladding technology in this industry is to extend the life cycle of the product and help our customers to control their overall costs.

Laser cladding in combination with more traditional methods of surface hardening has proved extremely successful as it ensures the extended component life and the reduced unplanned maintenance.

Machined parts and zones:

  • Press screws
  • Blades and screws for mixers
  • Scrapers
  • Protective covers
  • Screens

Food industry

High wear rate associated with many processing and food production technologies combined with 24/7 manufacturing results in the need to minimize downtime and unplanned maintenance.

Confidence in the material coating choice is of paramount importance for the overall success of the company.

Industries where different coating types are successfully applied:

  • Production of oils
  • Production of sugar and chocolate
  • Production of feeds for animals