LASERTECH – just clever coatings

Advanced solutions for laser cladding of anti-abrasive, anti-corrosion and anti-scuffing coatings.

About Us

Higher reliability of modern equipment, lower cost of its maintenance, guaranteed competitiveness, longer service life as well as equipment upgrading using state-of-the-art technology integrated to restore the operability of assemblies to the level of new products are the most priority areas for technology development.
Lasertekh has a license agreement with TECHNOGENIA, France, a developer of the unique LASERCARB® technology used to improve wear resistance of parts and a manufacturer of Spherotene® spherical tungsten carbide based on a patented technology used to produce powder materials for laser cladding. This agreement gives an exclusive right of service provision in the territory of the Russian Federation, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan using TECHNOGENIA materials. We also work with other suppliers of powder materials for laser cladding such as Oerlikon Metco and Höganäs. All these features makes Lasertekh one of the leading Russian structures in the field of laser cladding of the coatings.